2020, A new Decade, time to start your own business. what is the best business to start with?

The Economy Has Been Booming.

The holidays are already behind us, with a booming economy and no signs of it slowing down anytime soon, now is the time to get you home based business booming. The question most commonly asked is what is the best business to start with?

There are many things you could do but let us look at some statistics first. Last year the holiday season shoppers in the US spent over 1 Trillion dollars. A household in the US will spend an estimated $1500 plus over the holiday season. People are buying using their smart phones at an increase of 11% plus over the past 2 years.

With the ease of purchasing using your smart phone are a tablet one can purchase an item in a matter of a few minutes and continue what they were doing. It makes it fast and convenient and it will be in the mail in a typical matter of day. With Amazon Prime offering 2 day free shipping on Prime selected items it has caused an increase in the on line entity for speedy deliveries.

So what is the best business to start with? Let’s look at more 2019 statistics, Payless Shoe Source is closing the last of it’s 2100 stores in Puerto Rico and the United States, at one time they were in 30 counties with over 4400 stores. Office Depot has reported closing 50 stores by the end of the year.

Dollar Tree reported that it would be closing 390 Family Dollar stores in the fiscal year 2019, Gymboree in January filed for bankruptcy, under the Gymboree umbrella included Crazy 9 Kids Clothing Brands and Janie and Jack and have now closed 900 stores under Gymboree.

There is more, a lot more we just touched the tip of the iceberg. You can read a more complete list in a very good article HERE. After reading this article what is the best business to start with? It should be obvious at this point but let’s take a look at another statistic that is very interesting.

Major retailers that are also selling online (Actually today includes most of them.) but there are a lot of major players that offer the consumer better deals online. As example Walmart offers very good pricing online with a lot of their item eligible for next day delivery you can see more here, They offer high quality at a good price as well they offer buy online get a one-hour pick from items in stock and free next day delivery on thousands of items you can see more here.

The fact is the best business to start with is online, scamfreeopportunity does not receive anything from the businesses linked to in this article, however if you had your own website you could become an affiliate with the retailer (We will cover these in a future article) as an affiliate you would get paid (determined by the retailer) when a visitor clicks from your site and makes a purchase.

Folks starting your own on-line business is easier than you think. That may be our next article to break down the entire process step by step. I associate with a lot of people and the majority had absolutely no idea on running a business not alone starting a business online and the ones who really want a business have left their 9 to 5 commitment and now work from their front porch.

I will give you the quick basics, to start a business online(even without any knowledge of how to begin) you need to start with a website and the fundamentals to get you going. We recommend with whomever you choose to begin with you search out a couple of things, you need a free domain to begin building your very own website and a free guide to get started creating your site The reason we recommend this is you get hands on for free, build a free site you can view on the internet for free, at which point you can make a decision that you are very comfortable with the process and upgrade to expand your abilities or you can simply say this is not for me and walk away. All without spending a dime.

To be honest that is how I started, I was not comfortable with WordPress at all. I started with a free site, free basic training and wow I was amazed how easy it really is, the only thing that was holding me back was the desire to have my own business and my own creativity. I got over that and it has been a fun and rewarding ride. You can get your own free site with free basic training but DO NOT WAIT the market is good get in early by clicking the banner below. And please book mark this page and come back and leave me a comment once you have checked it out. I always enjoy hearing everyone’s success stories, the online market is so large there are so many niches out there depending on your own likes and it’s also a lot of enjoyment watching your site grow.

Best reguards Randy

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