Affiliate Marketing How to Guide

Are you looking for a partner in Affiliate Marketing?

There are a lot of people who never try their own business due to the questions I had, what do I eBay Affiliate Networksell, what is my niche, what do I put on my site? So here is my Affiliate Marketing how to guide to show you a great partner to start with. Keep in mind there are many and we will try to show you the top 10.

In this article, I want to show you eBay’s affiliate partner network. Whatever you have a passion for it is on eBay, they advertise 800 million items for sale, you can choose to use social media to share the items on but in the long run you are better off with your own site.

Select Your Niche

You simply browse eBay find the items you choose to promote, they have turnkey tools to help drive traffic to your site, they click the item and buy you get paid. They will keep track of all purchases from your site which you can track and once a month you get paid.

eBay also has an incredible set of affiliate partner tools that makes sharing on your site very easy, eBay Affiliate Networkthey have a bokkmarklet tool which allows you to create affiliate links as you browse their site, they offer custom banners for you to use on your site as well as an RSS feed generator which is awesome to provide constantly refreshed listings on eBay or create your own custom ads.

Video Webinars

If you are like me I would rather watch how to do something rather than read how to do it.I personally understand things more quickly watching it, and I can pause the video as I complete each step. A good feature for sure. Your commission is very good and they offer a double commission for a short time (According to their website) when you sign up as an affiliate partner.

They also offer a link to contact them as well as a blog you can use. They do offer several different languages for you as well.All in All eBay looks to be a good place to be for your affiliate marketing business. You can read all about what they offer which there is a lot of information I did not read through, visit eBay HERE.

As of today 6/13/17, is not associated with eBay in any way, we do not receive any form of payment from eBay. This is my personal opinion after my research.


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