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Very Good Affiliate Marketing Tools Free

Starting a business does not have to be expensive, I did not have a lot to invest so I did a lot of searching and testing of free tools to help me progress. Today I have finally compiled my list and would like to share it with you. We know all of your posts need strong SEO keywords in the title. But what about sharing on your social media?

I found an awesome tool to help you with your social media headlines. It is free to sign up you Free Headline Creatorsimply enter your social media headline and press analyze now, You will get the results showing you the strength of your headline. If it is not as good as you would like simply go to the bottom of the page where you will find help.

There is Information For What Makes Emotional Headlines So Powerful, How To Master Your Headline Word Balance and Learn More About Headline Types. They even have a free PDF download of 180 plus Power Words for Writing Emotional Headlines. This is a very powerful tool you can check it out at


Content Ideas

As a blogger, there are times when you struggle for fresh new content. We all experience that problem from time to time. So I began my search to find content ideas. The problem I always ran into was finding content that was relevant to my niche since it is important to stay on the same Blog Content Ideapath your website represents.

I finally found Content Idea Generator, It was free to sign up, once I logged in I had to answer 18 very short easy questions defining my website, content and so on, I tried this with a very narrow objective for this post and this was my results.

WOW! You just ‘brainstormed’ 360 ideas for content in 0.0129 seconds


The results can easily be over 1000 content ideas if I would have given more detail when answering the questions, what I was trying with this search was targeting a narrow group of people very specific to my niche. As you can see I got a lot of content ideas very quickly.

Another awesome feature of the website is when you scroll to the bottom of all the content ideas there is a place you simply click, copy, and then paste it into notepad, word or I prefer open office it is free and has all the bells and whistles. So at this point, you have the headlines and your content ideas for your next post.

What About Your Keywords?

There is a lot more free tool out there and we will cover them in a future post, so I want to leave you with the thought of your keywords. This is the toughest one because any true keyword tool Keyword Research Toolthat will honestly help you with the search engines are not free. I use Jaaxy and while not totally free for the continuous use they won’t even let you pay for it until you try 30 free keyword searches, you need nothing but an email address to try.

This what I chose to do, and I have to say it is the best keyword tool I have ever used. I signed up free, researched keywords for several posts, completed my post and monitored my results. They were impressive, You can try the tool for free below. We will try to bring more free tools to you soon, it takes time as we try everything before sharing the information with you.


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  1. Steen

    June 29, 2017 at 4:20 am

    Thanks Randy!
    Two good tools that I have just got in the collection. I use Jaaxy for headlines and meta description.
    But sometimes I really feel that I repeat myself when I write. It may be both lack of inspiration, or for bad research.
    I am looking forward to testing the Content idea generator.
    To see if it can remedy a little of the problem.
    May I ask what do you do when you feel like running out of ideas?

    1. Randy

      June 29, 2017 at 3:09 pm

      Your welcome Steen, the Content Idea Generator is a good start when you are running out of ideas, I get the basic ideas from there and then google research it so I have the most up to date knowledge as possible before I share anything.

      Thank you


  2. Emeolu

    June 28, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    This is a valuable market tool for online business owners like me. I struggled to come up with titles for my posts. I will sign up for this marketing tool. Hopefully, I won’t have any problem coming with the ideas. In addition, Jaaxxy is a good marketing tool to generate keywords. You can use this tool to find out how competitive the keywords are.

    1. Randy

      June 28, 2017 at 10:57 pm

      Thank you Emeolu, you can also try the content idea generator, it takes a few minuets to enter all the info and like everything else nothing is perfect but it does create some awesome ideas you have to research the ideas using google. Thanks again for the feed back.


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