Be Aware Of Holiday Social Media Scams

It’s That Time Of Year Again

And the scams have started. You need to be aware of the holiday social media scams that are designed to take advantage of you at a vulnerable time. As shopping online has becomeBetter Business Bureau a major aspect of our shopping habits there are some things to be cautious about.

There may be a few sponsored ads floating around on social media, if you click on them they may take you to a fraudulent website where you could be taken for money or ID theft and possibly a virus to your device you click on it with. If you see an ad that is incredibly good go directly to their website to verify the deal is real.

Gift Cards Use Caution

Several things could go wrong, first you could be buying fake gift cards, you could be buying stolen gift cards, you could be buying gift cards that were purchased using someone else’s stolen identity. If there is a special on social media go directly to the vendors website and check it out there.

Fake Coupons Or Click Here Discounts

Be aware of this one, what tends to happen with social media is once the  fake coupon is presented and someone sees it they tend to share it with their friends who then share it with Scam Alerttheir friends, in a matter of minuets it is everywhere in front of everyone, this is a way that the bad guys can initiate phishing schemes, ransom ware sent to your device or merely spread a virus and it all happens really quickly before the warnings get out.

Keep Yourself Safe

Be alert and cautious, if a deal seems to good, a price seems extremely cheap it probably is a scam. Don’t fall victim to the crooks, always go to the official website of the vendor, check with the BBB for complaints. Check out anything you see correctly before sharing something with friends to help avoid the massive spread of a scam. If you buy online try not to use a debit card as the protection with a credit card is generally better.

So What If? Prevent and react

For great tips on scam prevention visit the Better Business Bureau

If you have fallen victim to a scam report it to Internet Crime Complaint Center

I hope this helps protect you at a time everyone gets excited about really good deals. Social

Freaud Prevention

media is awesome but it is also a victim of scammers, you need to protect yourself in this cyber world we live in. My best to you all.




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