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  • Cash Crate ReviewName: CashCrateCash Crate Review
    Price: Free
    Overall Rank: 95 out of 100Cash Crate Product OverviewCash Crate offers more than just surveys, you can also get paid to try new products and sign up for free websites and services, Hopping, referrals, and social interactionThe Good:
  • Cash Crate is free to join
  • They have been around since 2006
  • You get your first $1 as a registration bonus
  • You get paid 20% 1st tier referrals and 10% 2nd tier referrals
  • Get paid by check or PayPal

The Bad:

It is work it takes the time to make money.

Who is Cash Crate For?

Anyone that wants a few extra dollars but not wanting their own personal business

My Final Opinion of Cash Crate

From all my research this is a legitimate opportunity to make some extra money quick, you can go to their site and chat on the forum to see what the members have to say.

VERDICT: Recommend

If you are however interested in starting your own business you will want to check out my review HERE. It is a great opportunity to start your own business for FREE.

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