Do You Shop Amazon? Beware!

If You Shop Be Aware!

Watch for bogus emails claiming to be from, if you shop online at like most of all consumers do this is the latest scam to be aware of. As all of us, consumers know you can get great deals online.

There is a whole lot of things that you can purchase on that are between one-third to one-half the price, that you could purchase it from your local store. That is if your local store even happens to stock it.

So I watch scam alerts constantly, in fact, I receive emails sometimes three to four times an hour as they are reported and created this site to bring them to you. And a resource received an email that looks very legitimate from about one of their recent purchases.

Have You Just Ordered Something From Amazon?

If you have recently ordered from and have not received your order yet, then you are very Do You Shop Amazon? Beware!much at risk as the emails look very legitimate. The email states as follows, your order has been successfully canceled.

DO NOT click on this link, it is a good thing that the person reporting this had a very good antivirus program running that was up to date because they clicked it. The thought behind it is whoever sent the email (The Crooks) want to install their malware on your phone, laptop or desktop computer.

By doing this you click on a look a like link, it is very hard to distinguish this link from a real link as crooks have gotten very prolific on the computer to advance their scamming routines. The crooks sit back and wait to hope you are vulnerable enough to take their bait.

When you click on the link it is designed to make you believe you are correcting your order, but in the process, malware has been installed on your PC. Their immediate goal is to steal your credit card information. This is where it starts, the malware could expose tax information and all of your vital information you keep on your computer.

A Red Flag

One thing to watch out for, read and pay attention, the email will probably not show the right items that Do You Shop Amazon? Beware!you actually ordered. is a secure site there is slim to no chance that the crook knows what you ordered. On the other hand, knows exactly what you ordered.

If there is any question in your own mind look at the email receipt that you received from when you made the purchase. Then if there is a question log back into your account and look up your order status. If there is an issue it will show there.

I have personally bought a lot of items from they are very safe, reliable, and always have your order status available to you secured when you log into your account. Please do not click the email without logging into your account and checking there first.  Then go back and delete that email immediately.

If for some reason you do receive this email report it immediately, here is what you need to do.

Open a new e-mail and attach the e-mail you suspect is fake. For suspicious web pages, simply copy & paste the link into the email body.

      • Note: Sending this suspicious e-mail as an attachment is the best way for us to track it.

        If you can’t send the e-mail as an attachment, you can forward it. Send the e-mail to

    Note: Amazon can’t respond personally when you report a suspicious correspondence to

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    As always please leave me a comment or feedback.

    Thanks Randy




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