Easy Shift App Reviews

Easy Shift App Review

Name: EasyShift App
Website: App Store / Google Play Store
Price: Free
Rate: 8 / 10

As we continuously look for scam free opportunities to share with you, we have began looking at a few apps and decided to give Easy Shift a try. The Easy Shift App will pay you to “shop, eat, EasyShift For Androidand explore your city”. As an example you may be asked to go to a particular store and take a photo of the potato chip display.
I have seen a lot of mixed reviews and decided to try this app out and report whether or not Easy Shift is a scam. In our review we will go over how the Easy Shift app works, how much you can get paid, and how you get paid and answer is the Easy Share app a scam.

How Does Easy Shift App Work?

The app is available for IPhone and Android smart phones only, can’t use the tablet for this one. Go to your appropriate app store and download the free app. First start the app they will need your mobile phone number for verification they will send you a code, enter the code and create your account.

2nd You will receive an email detailing how to go into the setup, this is very important because as of now they only pay by PayPal and you need to set this portion up to collect your money when a shift has been completed.

3rd Start the app share your location and a map will pop up with the available shifts represented by a green dot. Touch the green dot it will tell you where it is at, how much it pays and the task you need to complete to finish the shift.

4th Once you complete the shift and your work is approved by EasyShift you should receive your payment within 48 hours to your PayPal account. Typically, it will happen sooner than that.

What Types Of Shifts (Jobs) Are Available?

Just as an example here are some of the shifts we have seen available on the Easy Shift app, most of what is available where we are at is taking a picture with your smart phone of a Review EasyShift Appparticular display of merchandise, there are also some for price checking and I have not seen it yet but even approaching an employee and requesting help.

How To Get Paid And How Much Shifts Pay?

We have previously mentioned the only way to get paid at this time is through PayPal. This is not an issue simply sign up for a business PayPal account, it is free and they know you will be receiving money to this account. As soon as the payment is in your PayPal account you can collect it.

The shifts pay $2.00 to $20.00 depending on the task you are required to complete, in my Review Analyticslocation there is only 1 at $3.00 all the rest are between $4.00 and $6.00.

Who Is The Easy Shift App For?

Anyone that has an IPhone or Android smart phone and you are over 18 and are looking for a little extra cash to spend. Obviously if you are in a big city it would be better for you, with gas prices being what they are today you would not make enough to cover a rural area.

Easy Shift Tips

When you start using Easy Shift you will notice it has a dollar amount you have earned and also has a points earned. You obviously get paid cash to your PayPal account but it does not clarify the points. You can only reserve 1 shift at a time when you start but as you EasyShift For iPhonecomplete shifts you will notice your points increasing as well.

When you get enough points you can reserve 2 shifts at one time, as you continue building points you will eventually max out at reserving 10 shifts at one time. The shifts will be added almost daily depending on where you are located again the bigger the city the more that will happen.


Easy Shift is a good way to make an extra few dollars


I have not experienced it yet but I have seen a lot of complaints of poor customer service

You have to have an IPhone or Android smart phone to complete a shift

What if you are taking pictures and the store manager will not allow you to finish, I have heard of this happening

Our Final Conclusion

EasyShift App Legit

Ultimately the app is Legit and why not try it if you have the required smart phone the app is free and so is the account just be aware of the fact management may frown on you picture taking at times, we just want you to know that before you try the Easy Shift app.

Please leave us comments if you try the app please come back here and post your results so we can make other people aware of any scams or legitimate opportunity’s.


Thanks Randy

EasyShift App


Free App


Easy Work


Customer Service



  • Free App
  • Easy To Sign Up
  • Easy To Use


  • Poor Customer Service

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