FREE Build Your Own Website

Let Me Show You How

You custom build it yourself and you can do it in 30 seconds! And it is FREE build your Free 30 Second Websiteown website now. What you get is 2 FREE websites, web hosting and you build it in 30 seconds, and it cost you nothing. I knew absolutely nothing about WordPress before I tried this and I now have several sites.

There is a video below you can watch so that you can see how easy this is to achieve, then get started for FREE and your website will be online today. The bonus is also FREE you get a few lessons on what to do with your site. Do you have a hobby and want a website to show it off?

Learn how to make money about your hobby, this is so easy you will be asking yourself why haven’t I done this before? Wish I would have found this info sooner. It is an addicting habit that rewards you. Enough of me watch the video below get your website online today then come back here for some free tools to make your site professional.

Free Build Your Own Website

Alright you should have your site online already, are you ready for some FREE tools? Now that you have a site you need things like a content idea generator, great head lines, FREE images, to make it look good. Go HERE for these tools.

And once your website looks really good you will want the search engines to find you, what you You Build Free Websiteneed is search engine optimization (SEO). There are some tools HERE to help you with that. You may even want a state-of-the-art keyword tool you get 30 free keyword searches HERE.

If there is anything else you would like to see as far as tools go let me know what you are looking for and I will research your tool and find the best available for you. As I always do I will attempt to find the free tools and evaluate them for you, then I will share only the best.

After you watch the video please come back here and leave me some feedback on what you thought. Your opinion is important to me. Your website should be online already and you can Your Free Websitebegin using the free tools to make it professional, amaze your family and friends and it was FREE and EASY.

Thanks for watching the video and for leaving me a comment below.



  1. Ilias

    July 17, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    Nice video, Randy. It is amazing how fast and easy you can start building your own website.
    I remember the days before getting started online when I thought that it is so hard to do it from scratch. However, these days everything is possible.
    You do not need to know anything about coding or website, WordPress make all the hard work for you.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Randy

      July 17, 2017 at 2:37 pm

      Ilias, you are right I started writing raw HTML in notepad. Things have changed and it is so simple that anyone can do it. Thanks for your feedback and my blessings on your adventure.


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