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Hello folks thanks for visiting Scam Free Opportunity, or intention is to supply you with knowledge to the best free web tools the net has to offer. Today is no exception to that rule, there is a lot more than Scam Free Opportunitykeywords that these people offer so let us take a look at what you get for free.

Text Content Tools

There is some real good stuff here so Let’s start with a Plagiarism checker, you simply copy and paste your blog post into the provided box then click the check plagiarism button and watch while it searches for duplicate content. There are even some tabs that will select sample text so you can see how it works.

Article re-writer, this one is interesting copy and paste your post within the box provided and click re-write and sit back and watch as it goes through your article and gives you suggestion on improving your Free SEO Toolpost. This is a must see as it has samples behind the tabs for you to try this and see it work.

Grammar Checker, if you like me I start writing a post not realizing I am missing little things that are annoying to the reader and embarrassing for me when I finally find it. Do not experience the embarrassment paste your article and click check it is that easy and it is nice to see the mistakes before publishing.

Image Editing Tools

Image Compressing Tool, first let us define what image compression is, Image Compression: is a type of data compression associated to digital images, to reduce the image size without affecting the visual appearance of your image.

The smaller your image without for fitting your quality the faster it will load on your site allowing for Free SEObetter seo, you get access to a very good image compression tool here as well, and of course it is free as well.

Keyword Position Checker

With search engine optimization your goal is to appear in the top 3 to 5 position on page 1 of Google. With the keyword position checker tool you will be able to check and see where keywords are actually ranking. This free tool will do two things.

It has the keyword rank checking tool and the keyword position checker tool, all you do is enter your website URL, choose the search engine you would like to check you rank with, enter up to 10 keywords 1 per line and the range of pages you want to check.Free SEO Keyword

Once everything is entered with your information and click check position, you will see a box appear and watch the results pop in on for the keywords. There is a keyword density checking tool, just enter the URL of your post and click check.

Keyword Suggestion Tool is an awesome free tool, you enter your keyword ideas and click check. It will go and find the keyword people are searching for on the search engines related to the keywords you entered. It will give you combination of words to use.

There are a lot of other free tools here as well as a log tailed keyword suggestion tool, I feel long-tailed keywords are important just like the low hanging keyword are. Another good tool is the SEO keyword competition checker, this tool Let’s you know what you are competing against.


I personally have mixed feelings with this topic. Once upon a time it was believed the more back links to your sight would create favor with the search engines. While none of us truly know the logarithm Google, Bing and Yahoo uses and what are the differences in their logarithms.

We will probably never know, so you have to judge SEO from the results you get from the tools you use. Free ToolBacklinks may have been important at one point in time I think things are different today. I feel that have 20 high quality back links are way more valuable than having 80 random back links.

The free back link checker will show you how many back links you have and what website they are coming from. You need to make your back link profile have more credibility with the big three Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Before you put all of your energy on improving your back link profile, you need to make sure that your content is of high quality. High quality content is very key at this point. Once you have checked and went over your content and you are satisfied with the quality of your content, then you can then head to the next step. You are now at the point you need to make your back link profile have credibility and prepare it for search engine optimization.

You will want to take advantage of Google Analytic for this procedure, go to Google Analytic and look at

the 404 error pages that contain inbound links to your website. Using a 301 redirect will help ensure that your site visitors and search engine crawlers will be pointed to the correct page, and this ultimately could also help you to recover your lost link value. Free

In my opinion DO NOT BUY BACK LINKS, you are a lot better off posting something relevant of your website on social media, try it you may be surprised. (I certainly was) When you use the back link checker and it shows links to your site from twitter and pinterest. These are quality back links and you want all of them you can get.

The Final Tools And Our Conclusion

There are also a lot of website management tools available for free, Some of these include website seo score checker, Google page rank checker, website page speed checker, Google adsense calculator and a YouTube video down loader just to mention a few.

There is also an area with website tracking tools, some of these tools include link checker, search engine spider simulator, Alexa rank comparison, Alexa rank checker and google index checker just to cover a few. There are also proxy tools, domain tools and even more.Conclusion

In our opinion these are free tools and they do work well, at the same time they are free tools so compare the results often. There are many things t look for when searching keywords and some you can not get totally free although this is a good place to start.

You can also get a free trial using Jaaxy by entering your keywords in the search box on the right of this post. It is a completely free trial no credit card needed. Give it a shot there is absolutely nothing to lose. You can access all the free seo keyword tool HERE.

And please leave you comment or feedback below, help us to help you.



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