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Hello folks, everybody would like to work from home, have more family time, spend your days on the lake or what I enjoy is sitting on the porch while working my business. We have spent a lot of time searching out that opportunity and are sharing it with you, so you don’t have to.

At some point you are going to want to pay for a unique domain and give your self an edge up on your Free Website And Hostingcompetition. But before you even think about that, you need to 1. Get a free website 2. Get free web hosting 3. Receive basic training for free 4. Design and create your site 5. receive help on anything you need help with.

Free Website And Free Hosting

We will explain how to receive both getting your own free website and free hosting, but first you need to know how easy it is to design and build your website, what to put on your site to make money, how to get Google indexed and Google rankings.

Everything evolves around planning before you start. It is a lot more difficult to design and build a site on the fly opposed to having a plan before you start. Here are some bullet points.Free Hosting

  • Choose your niche (what will become your content)
  • Build your website
  • Add your amazing content
  • Get indexed by Google
  • Get Ranked by Google

Once you achieve these 5 steps you will be well on your way to having your own business. I will be posting a link to a website that was created this way and you will be able to see what you can do with this opportunity.

Choosing Your Niche

The definition of NICHE: Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

This can be an issue if not done correctly, you need to be passionate about your niche. What is your favorite hobby, something you really enjoy and could help others learn about it. Then use google, if your thing is off-road trucks search it and see how many searches are being made on your niche.Free Website Hosting

Once you see the number of searches the narrow it down, select items from your niche and search that. This will give you an idea of what you will want on your site. Search tires, off-road lights, roll bars or brush guards as example. Search these on Google and see what gets the most searches. You are likely to make the most money this way.

Build Your Website

Choosing a theme, this is an important step as well, you will want a theme that accommodates your niche. Here are the main bullet points you need to keep in mind when choosing your theme.

  • Prepare – make a list of features you will want on your website
  • You will want a responsive theme
  • A theme that is mobile friendly
  • Keep your color scheme in mind
  • Consider a theme you may be willing to upgrade to premium later
  • You will want a theme with a font that is easy on the eyes
  • Make sure your theme has social media in the theme

One key point is a theme that is mobile friendly as most of your visitors will be connecting via a mobile Build Websitedevice, You want their viewing experience to be as pleasing as possible. That leads to the loading of your site you want a responsive theme and you want to make sure you can use the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) plugin with your theme.

Your Amazing Content

You will want to start by creating your basic pages such as your About Me page. Get all the basic pages created and in place first. Once all of your pages are created for your selected niche, set up your menus, have the basic site information set up and you can write your first blog post.

This is the exciting part as it will lead to getting you indexed on Google. You will have to begin to set goals which will ultimately determine how quickly you can become an authority site which will lead to you beginning to make money with your new home business.

You need to set up goals how many blog post do you want to create in a week, how many words will each post contain, where to get images that allows you free re-use rights, what social media platforms do you want to share it on. You will then need to create a logo for your business.Free Hosting

Here is a great place to create a free logo, you will also need to think about creating your brand. A good example, when you need a facial tissue everyone ask for a Kleenex. Kleenex is their brand it is really a facial tissue, this needs to be your goal for your brand.

Another example is Google, that is their brand. I hear it every day someone will make a comment just Google it. There are other search engines such as Bing and which are used as well but you never hear them mentioned. When it comes to an item in your niche you want everyone to mention you.

Your logo and branding are important your goal needs to be set when an item in your niche is mentioned your branding is mentioned, as well as when they see your logo they will know your brand. As you get comfortable writing your blog post increase your goals.

Maybe a new blog post every other day, instead of 800 words per post up your goal to achieve 1000 word post. Trust me it gets easier and easier as you go then set yourself a new goal 1200 to 1800 words. You won’t need that many words every time but once every week or 2 will help you.

Conclusion On A Free Website And Free Hosting

This is the only way to start your own online business. Anything that does not include both a free website and free hosting stay away from it. We lost a lot of money years ago and there was no reason for it except we were not educated. That is why Scam Free Opportunity exist.Website Building

The affiliate marketing business is most definitely as Strong as every and building up steam. Stores that do not have an online presence are closing rapidly, most business can not do everything they need to by their self, while others like Amazon want to grow their already very large customer base.

That is where we come in, so do not wait a free website and free hosting is real there are 2 links below, the first being the website I promised to share in the beginning and the second on is to claim your free website and free hosting today. Get your piece of the pie while they are plentiful and make an authority site now.

Please if you go to the links leave us a comment below or if you have a for sure method or site leave us the name (NO LINKS) so we can research that as well.

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