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Do you Blog, own your own website or keep a website up to date for a company you work for? If so, we all know the importance of finding the perfect Google Keywords. Your keywords are the way to prevent your post or page from being a billboard in the middle of the desert. Even if your keywords get recognized by all search engines that exist and you post does not appear until page five you still may not see the traffic you are working for.

If you decide to start a forum on a particular topic such as The Newest Technology with 4K televisions being the product you wish to discuss you will want participants in your blog to read and inject input into your forum to maintain the most updated information possible on this topic the goal is to get the maximum number of people you can to read and benefit from your work. If you blog like we do, our desire at Scam Free Opportunity is to bring you the things you desire that you can believe in. We like to focus with starting an on-line business and products that we have purchased our self or have had the opportunity to use the product or service. This assures us that we bring you the most honest and accurate review.

If you are reading this article right now more likely than not you found this because of our Google Keywords. There are several ways to find Google Keywords I want to cover some of them to you before I actually show you what we use at Scam Free Opportunity. If you choose you can simply go to Google and ask it a question as example: What is the best gluten free bread recipe, the fact is at the time of writing this article Google will produce About 387,000,000 results (0.67 seconds).

Google Keywords

OK well that tells us there are a lot of keywords in that search, but what are the keywords? Is the result focused on Gluten free, or is it recipe? It does not give us a lot to work with. There is another way of using the alphabet to help you find Google Keywords. You can try it by simply typing in your main topic and start pressing the alphabet in order, from our previous example you may want to try entering gluten free then type A see what Google recommends then backspace and try B see what Google recommends and continue to work you way through the alphabet. You will see a lot of information but again how do you use that for picking your keywords?

If you choose you can try it here yourself.

Let me point out the key the things Scam Free Opportunity looks for while researching keywords for our post. First thing we consider is the average number of searches a keyword receives per month, how many visitors you could receive to your website if you get your post to appear on page one of Google, and the term quoted search results: which is the number of competing websites ranked in Google for the exact same keyword, and how about the keyword quality indicator this works on the red light theory red = poor, yellow = OK, green = good and saving the best for last is the actual SEO value, this is a score from your Google keywords based on traffic and competition.

There are a lot of ways to search using this tool showing you how to find Google keywords, this tool has its own version of the alphabet method, you can save list of all your Google keywords you want and go back to them allowing you to categorize them with your own category name, you can do your own search analysis on your Google keywords, you can also find possible affiliate programs that are related to your niche as a result of your Google keywords giving you the choice of four different affiliate program providers to choose from, There is another feature called brainstorm that shows a feed from Google Trends, a feed from Alexa hot topics, a feed from Amazons best seller list and even a feed of trending keywords on Twitter. And there is another awesome feature showing you a list of domain names that are related to your search topic, you click on it and it will show you whether the domain is already taken or if it is available. If the domain is available and you would like to purchase it there is a link to click on that will take you to the purchasing process.

We use this tool at Scam Free Opportunity and we can stand behind the product from our hands on usage, the exciting part for us we like it, we have ranked using it and somehow they keep it updated and add new features as needed making it even more exciting. If you want rock solid keywords and you want to reduce your time hunting and researching this is the tool we use to get the job done. If you decide to try this for free please come back here and leave us feedback to let others know what your experience was using this tool.

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If you do not yet have a website you can create one for free and use it for educational purpose, after all why invest a dime of hard-earned money trying something that may not work? That makes no sense, but understand it is very easy to do and does not take very long to learn from my experience (Everyone is different though no guarantee) with that being said you will never know unless you try. If you choose you can read my article on how to set up your own site and try it for yourself for free. As always we appreciate all feedback as that helps others understand your experience.

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