How To Find Keywords For A Website


Keywords are very important for your website, keywords can get you the targeted audience you are looking for, they will be able to find your website, and organic traffic is free. Keywords are the words and/or the phrases that a user types into a search engine to find a website that matches what they are looking for.

How To Find Keywords For A Website

So where to start? How do you find the right keywords for your website that will attract the Hoe To Find Keywordsaudience you are looking for? There are many ways to accomplish this task and I will show you some of my favorites, Let’s start with Bing WebMaster if you don’t have a Bing webmaster account go HERE to sign up for one, it’s free.

Once you have your Bing webmaster account login, you will need to select Diagnostic and Tools then click on Keyword research and click search. It gives you a list of keyword, that tells you how many times the keywords appeared in actual searches and offers you to buy the keywords with pay per click.

How to find keywords for SEO with Bing, when using Bing the biggest tool you get is the number of times keywords appear in actual searches. Write down all of the keywords that appear in the actual search engine as you will need the information again.

How To Find Keywords

SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

Another awesome way to find keywords is using Google, I personally choose Google and Bing because they are the two largest search engines today. As with Bing, it is a very good idea to have a Google webmaster account, if you don’t have one get yours HERE. There are some impressive tools with Google Webmaster that will enable you to see what keywords are working.

The Alphabet Soup Method

But my favorite way to find keywords with Google is known as the alphabet soup method, there are a couple of different ways to utilize this. (See my images) The first set of images as an example if my niche pertained to football helmets I type in football helmets the simply add an A, you will see a few recommendations starting with football helmets Amazon as an example.

Find Keywords For SEO

The erase the A and type in a B, it will show results starting with B such as football helmets brands, these suggestions come from actual searches people have entered into google. Google is helping you by giving you the most common searches people are looking for. You will want to write down the keywords that pertain to you here as well.

SEO Keyword Suggestion

Now we will use the alphabet soup a little differently, erase everything but football helmet, then you want to start before the word football such as A football helmet, you will see an entirely different set of keywords of which people are typing into Google for their searches.

Improve SEO Keywords

Then repeat this process B football helmets, C football helmets in a relatively short period of time you should have a rather large list of keywords that are actually being used in Bing and Google. You can this point begin to insert keywords into your website and see what works for you.

SEO Keyword Tool

For myself, I like having website keyword suggestions, what I am looking for now that I have my list of keywords, is not only to know for sure they are appearing in the search engines but how do I know how many other websites are using the exact same keywords (Keyword Competition) meaning I may never hit page one with my site.

SEO Keyword Competition

If you would also like to know where you are competing at go HERE to see how I do it.

I hope this assists you with your keywords and who doesn’t like FREE? Please leave me feedback below.





  1. Ilias

    July 31, 2017 at 12:04 am

    Hi Randy and thanks for the nice ideas on this post. I have not used Bing keyword tool until now but sometimes the Google keyword planner until now.

    However, it was not really helpful.

    I will try all your suggestions to see if they work for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Randy

      July 31, 2017 at 12:14 am

      Thanks, but most important is the keyword competition, check out my link to the best keyword tool online today.

      Thanks Randy

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