How To Learn Affiliate Marketing : And Why

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing : And Why

Hi folks, with the recent announcement from Sears now closing additional store and the prior announcement from Toy-R-Us closing their doors for good we should all wonder what is going on? Toys-R-Us was established in 1948 and when I was growing up there appeared to be nothing that could slow down their success.

In reality not even the big stores offering a one stop shop, because Toys-R-Us was very unique in Affiliate Marketingoffering specialty items that they could not shelf and maintain with the same acceleration. But then something happened, things have begun to change.

And all at once boom, it happened. Welcome to the 21st century, well it started before that but the crumbling started later. In 1994 Amazon was established and the new trend became online buying. I have prime and for the money I save every purchase I can wait for 2 days to get my product.

So Why Would You Want Know How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Let us take a look at Amazon, not only do I get a better price on the same products I now have the true ONE STOP SHOP, I started with buying video games, then cookware, and dehydrators, and moved on to organic seeds for my garden.How To Learn

Then it got better with getting parts for my pride (My Truck). OK what next I am still old fashion as I began listening to the AM radio recording it on reel to reel for playback. I went through the 8 track tapes, moved on to cassettes tapes and finally advanced to CD’s.

What a ride now it is either streaming or on my hard drive, thumb drive it is all digital these days. But I still buy the CD’s through Amazon, most of them I can download the digital version and begin to enjoy my purchase before the CD arrives. How crazy is that, then again Amazon rises to the occasion the new 4K fire TV.

With Amazon Prime I get a lot of free videos, TV shows and prime exclusives, interesting indeed. Add Netflix to it WOW, and if you are like me I had 1500 VHS tapes I bought a device to back them up to my computer. You can set up a Plex video server and download the Plex media player on Fire TV and again.

You have your own media server that is always available there, then Amazon acquires Whole Foods, see Affiliate Marketerwhat I am getting at? This is truly a one stop shop and is being used by millions every single day. I am the one to take advantages of this, are you? Amazon can advertise or pay affiliate marketing sites, what are you waiting for?

So Let’s Get To It : How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Alright then, lets take a look at what used to work (Commercials) that nobody watches anymore. So if you owned a big business and commercials are not an option that proves profitable where do you turn? That is where affiliate marketing comes into play.Learn Affiliate

They only pay us when something has been purchased, in my opinion to many people want to open an online store and if that is you give it a shot and come back here and leave us a comment on how that works. That is not me because then I am competing against Amazon or any of the other big names out there.Marketing

To start with affiliate marketing you first need to select a niche, what this is may be an interest of yours such as video games, you have one and are knowledge and good at it. There you go it is that easy you have your niche. Next you rally need a website to be competitive.

Do not let the fact you need a website scare you away, with a little training a lot of support and your niche already figured out you are well on your way. WordPress is truly easy to learn, understand, and you will even make yourself proud in no time at all.

It is a fact if you want to know how to learn affiliate marketing it is a piece of cake. There are more steps Make Money From Home Free Start Upto get you to making money, which is all of our goals. You will learn about keywords how to select them and get free access to tools to get them.

Your goal is to become the online version of what a commercial used to be. The difference is people want to see what you are showing. The opposite of a commercial. There are many ways to make money as you learn such as local seo for business.

Once you learn the easy steps and what you need to do to make it on page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo, you will also be able to give advice and with confidence. I see it daily, I read the testimonials, I see what others do to speed up their site.

I have learned that when you start to write a blog post 500 words seems difficult, but once you start and you are writing on your niche it soon becomes difficult to hold your post under 1000 words. And you end up writing a post in 20 minutes boosting your rankings with the big search engines.

Let Us Get Started

You have a chosen niche, you can buy a domain name fairly cheap these days you need web hosting as well, it is not that expensive anymore either. So you can choose to assemble your affiliate marketing this Marketing SEOway. I advise against that myself. It is much better to have on basket that holds all your eggs.

And below I will give you the link to learn affiliate marketing for free. Now the training is limited for free but with that being said you need to know what is free. You do not have to buy a domain you can have 2 of them included for free. Your free account is only limited but does not expire stay free as long as you want.

Once you have reached the limit of free training there are still over 800,000 posting great info every day for you to use. And once you see for yourself how easy it is then you make the choice to have the one basket with your eggs in it. It is a great feeling and a great community you can’t understand until you have experienced it.

And Here You Go Do Not Delay

This is the place where people achieve success, I see it weekly when people feel they have reached the How Affiliate Marketingpoint of success they are giving up their day job and working for their self. Mission accomplished.



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