How To Work From Home Without A Investment

The Worldwide Pandemic

With what is taking place all over the world, it is sure to change our way of thinking as we go forward. A massive amount of unemployment claims being filed, stay at home orders all over the states most of us are looking for a method to protect our lively hood as well as being able to provide for our family no matter how big or small. It is time for you to learn how to work from home without a investment.

Starting your own business can be expensive, very stressful, require a lot of your time, consist of hiring and managing employees as well as the start up cost and the financial struggles it can cause. In my younger days I had the chance to take all of that on but financially it did not make sense. I am fortunate enough to be sitting in my home office working through the Worldwide Pandemic that is affecting all of us in one form or another.

I feel so bad for the ones that lost their jobs due to the outbreak and thought I would try to reach as many people as possible to give them the opportunity to do what I did four yeas ago, I learned how to work from home without a investment. That was the whole key factor that led to my start.

So How Do You Get Started

We will get into that shortly, first you need to know.

  • What is it
  • What is required from you
  • How it works
  • Where do you get your information
  • How difficult it is NOT
  • And how to get started

What is it

The number one way to make money from home is by getting involved with affiliate marketing. Yuk right! That is what I thought as well, I knew nothing about marketing that is what marketing companies do, I am not necessarily a people person, I don’t want to talk with anyone on the phone, I do not want to send out things in the mail I just want to be me.

And that is exactly what I did, I am just me, I still know nothing about marketing four years in to it, I do not deal with anyone directly, I do not even check the mail (my wife does that) and I am just being me. I have no words to describe it because remember I am not an actual people person. So what is required from you? I am about to explain that please read it all it sounds complex but I will break it down to my level for you.

Making Money Website Relax

What is required from you

First you need a blog or a website, you can go to WordPress and start a free blog or use Google as there are many options out there. No matter what your decision is you will need a niche. Sounds scary right? That is what I thought as well I wasn’t sure whether to search it online or go grab a dictionary.

No worries though you can search if you would like to or you can look at it this way, a niche is simply an idea that you are passionate about, that could be golf, cooking, sewing, gardening or building custom cars the list goes on for ever. The best affiliate program we at ScamFreeOpportuniy believe in is a product we already use. That way we do not need to get over whelmed with something we have little interest any how. So you just need that passionate idea.

How it works

now that you have chosen your niche, or at least you have something in mind we are all passionate about something. You research companies that offer affiliate marketing programs, it does not take long to find if for example Googled raised bed gardening affiliate marketing program, as I am writing this post Google returned 15,000,000 results in .93 seconds. You sign up for one and write blog post about a product they have, when anyone that reads your post click on your affiliate link and makes a purchase you get paid accordingly from the affiliate agreement you are promoting. See we deal with no one, we just review products I have already purchased any way and it is easy because I am already passionate about the item(easy).

Site Builder Review

Where do you get your information

Anyone ever heard of Facebook? No you do not get your information from Facebook but we at ScamFreeOpportunity use a platform very similar except it is based on affiliate marketing. Yes you still follow the people you feel you are getting quality information from as well as other following you for your information.

It really is that easy folks you will have people following quickly as well as asking you question shortly after getting involved. The reason being it is so easy in a short period of time you will have information to share as well. Once you, have everything to this point you will need keywords there is an easy way of getting them you can try a free test right HERE. The Facebook style platform we use offers a free version of this as well, it is truly amazing.

How difficult it is NOT

How to work from home without an investment is far from difficult, as we previously mentioned you can use a blog site but we recommend a website WHY? When you use a free site it will more than likely add advertisement to your post, that’s how they make money, you are not in total control of you layout. It is so easy to use word press it is almost drag and drop style I can tell you I had my first site ready in 15 minutes, I obviously made a lot of changes after that as I explored different options that I liked better but it very much not hard to do. It is actually amazing after a short period of time things become natural consuming a lot less of my time and I see post from newbies explaining how easy it is and sharing their success stories as they grow their profit very rewarding.

Free Online Business Start

How to get started

That is the easy part. It requires no investment, never if you do not want to. You can start your own website, build it yourself and see how easy it is, you will be given some free tutorials to get you up and running, you will get to experience a community like no other in your work from adventure. Hear testimonials of others success and be welcomed by everyone. It is insane, if not I would be telling you about it four years later. We feel during this crisis the main thing is to help everyone have the opportunity whether you choose it or not that is up to you.

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would love to know if you decided to try to work from home without a investment, we would be excited to share youre stories with everyone, but most of all it will be rewarding to us for the time spent trying to help every one out there and share your success stories as that may just be your reward for helping others.

Our thoughts are with each and every one of you as we work through the Pandemic and begin to reshape our lives. To try the community and learn how to work from home without an investment just click the link below. And don’t forget to comment!

Thank you


How to work from home without an investment

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