How To Write An eBook And Sell It Online

You Need A Plan

You need to research on, or as they are the three biggest search engines at the moment. If you are going to learn how to write an eBook and sell it online you need to know what people are looking for to begin with.

The things you need to get started is first an idea where either you have great knowledge or you How To Write An eBook And Sell It Onlinehave research access to the information, then you should have already researched the market place using the above mentioned search engines.

The contents of your eBook will be best coming from your own experiences, as example I am an avid organic gardener for the last 25 years, it was not always an easy ride. So I start my eBook with a beginning leading people to the middle of my book helping them to avoid the mistakes I made thorough my journey.

I finish the eBook with the real benefits of organic composting, seed saving and the use of raised bed gardening, so essentially my eBook is my story on how to organic garden from the beginning to the end making it a smooth process for my reader.

Remember The Facts

As well put together as you make your eBook the people interested in it do not have your finances in mind, they are looking to solve a problem they have and they are looking to you to help with that. As in my eBook not everyone wants to container garden, not everyone wants to raise bed garden, and everyone can open ground garden. Therefore break the information down in to segments the reader can get to quickly and easily that suits their needs.

Do not mix good knowledge with needed information as example a good idea for me would be to teach people how to grow cucumbers on a trellis although it is good knowledge it is not needed information. When deciding your niche make sure that people are willing to spend money in that market.

Your Market Not Profitable?

If you decide that your niche is not profitable do not scrap it yet, go back and research the market again, try to tweak your eBook to fit the market. Change your cover to encourage people to desire to see inside it.Remember the internet is a very large audience it’s good to select a smaller specialized crowd that is profitable.

Most importantly test your niche by posting to blogs and forums making sure you are gaining interest. Remember write as you were talking among friends it will be more enjoyable and easier for the reader to follow you.

Production of your eBook

My personal preference is using Open Office it is an open source program that is free, use the writer and you can save your work in PDF format. You can get open office here. (Open Office)

Once you are comfortable with your work go to and create your Free account. Once you have an account you can create a book cover there or get more tips on where to create one. lulu handles everything for you and you retain all copyrights to your eBook.

Once everything id ready to go you need to influence the buyer by offering a sample of the eBook for free enticing them to want to buy your product. With the internet buyers are spoiled with choices you can offer a free sample in exchange for a valid email address with rights to send them any specials or other offers you may come up with. The more you are in front of the buyer the better you are.

In Summary

Make yourself available via email, answer questions that you get, keep track of questions you can use the information to help tweak your eBook. You need to earn the trust of interested people as this can help make you with good comments on blogs and recommendations for your writings. In closing I hope this helps you if you want to write an eBook as always please leave a comment or any feedback you may have below. If I can answer anything please email me at


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