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Partsurvey Review

Name: Partsurvey
Price: $0
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Partsurvey, Product OverviewPartsurvey Review

Partsurvey claims that they make money by creating surveys for various companies who want to gain the general public view of their products. So you take a survey and you will get paid for it. They also run an affiliate program.

  • You get $14 for taking a survey
  • You get $15 in your account (For each involved partner)
  • Get 20% from you partners earnings

The Good:

The minimum payout from my research is $700. WOW, why so high? You have to earn $700 before you can get paid. Typical survey sights may start at $3 and may go as high as $20. If Partsurvey set a minimum payout even at $20 you would figure out it is a scam very quickly.

The Bad:

Even though it is $0 to join you cannot complete the registration without submitting your PayPal or Payza account number. Why!

Partsurvey Review
Who is Partsurvey For?

I would stay away from this one

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Partsurvey Price


My Final Opinion of Partsurvey

I rarely give a review without signing up for the service, but in this case, I could not complete the sign-up without giving them my PayPal account number. Not a chance, I am in programs that all they need is my PayPal email address (The email I used to signup with PayPal) and they deposit money in my account. I would NOT give out my account number.

When I do a review I generally try to find the positive with everything I look at. Not being able to sign up without giving out my PayPal account number I went and searched everything I could find. I found nothing good to point you to

VERDICT: Not Recommended



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