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Do You Want To Relax

Once you own a making money website you too can slow down and relax, enjoy your life. That’s what this is all about. So how do you get started with your own website? I will walk you through Making Money Website Relaxthe important steps first and that is where your money will come from.

Where Does The Money Come From

A lot of people I talk to are intimidated when I start talking about Affiliates and niches, The truth is they are both easy to understand and obtain and they are the key to your success. I will give you examples of both to show you how easy it really is.Making Money Website Cash

Let’s talk a niche, if you follow basketball choose the NBA as your niche. You set up your website, you write post that keep your visitors up to date with the NBA, you pick a niche on something you already do then share with others.

Now lets look at an Affiliate to add to your site to make your money. A simple search on Amazon using NBA collectibles returns a result of over 30,000 items. How would you like a piece of that action? If you write good content with the correct keywords and seo you can achieve this.

It cost the reader $0 for purchasing the item through your site, the price is the same as if they Making Money Website Amazonbought it directly from Amazon, but you get paid, Here is a quick example of such site and you can do this too, even if you are a beginner.


Let’s talk Affiliates

If the NBA is not your niche no problem, what is? We all have a hobby or things that we follow and things we really enjoy and now is the time to get paid for it by being a Super Fan of whatever your vision is. So here is my list of some of the best companies to use for your business.




I did a review on these guys you can read it HERE. A good Affiliate Network to hook up with and Share A Salea lot of products for your website. ShareAsale is a large Affiliate Network offer around 4,000 merchants with 1,000 of them being exclusive to them. They pay on the 20th of each month if your account balance id at least $50.

CJ Affiliates (Commission Junction)



They don’t just have products to sell but they are defined with quality, almost every major retailer Making Money Website CJ Affiliatehave their product on CJ Affiliates which makes them close to a stop and shop there is in the Affiliate Market. Once you have been approved to promote their offers you can have multiple offers up and running on your site in a short period of time.

Amazon Associates


Website: https://affiliate-program.amaz…

By a large portion Amazon has the largest affiliate program available, they have products from millions of sellers, truly anything you can imagine they have something for your niche. Even if you are a beginner to affiliate marketing you won’t have any issues getting this up and running.

Commissions range from 4% to 10% and can be profitable to you quickly, There are a lot of big Making Money With Affiliate Marketingticket products with Amazon but remember although you receive more money per sale the sales tend to not be as frequent as a mid range ticket product, the choice is yours and it does pay off. And remember if you are the one into food recipes, food blogging and so on Amazon now own Whole Foods even more to offer from them very soon.

There Are A Lot More Available

While there are what seems to be unlimited affiliate opportunities out there I won’t even try to cover them all but here are a few more you may be familiar with Target, Kmart, Walmart, Sears, Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bass Pro Shops and Home Depot to touch the tip of the affiliate iceberg.

Whatever your niche, does not matter, your experience? So your a beginner no problem START Here, ScamFreeOpportunity is just that, we are here to help others get started without losing everything on a dead end adventure and hopefully make a couple dollars to pay for this site.

Please leave me feedback below and Don’t Wait get your WEBSITE today and start building your financial success.


Thanks, Randy

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