Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Why Are You Here?

What is making money with affiliate marketing all about? It is about our financial freedom. I want to show you how to make money as an Amazon Associate.

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Associates was started in 1996, they have more than 12 years experience in helping website owners with developing solutions. You as a website owner or blogger create links and when a visitor clicks you could get paid. It truly is as easy as that.

  • You advertise products on your web page
  • People click your links to
  • You can earn up to 15% when they buy

How It Works

Amazon will provide you with simple tools and several choices on how to link to from your Making Money With Affiliate Marketingsite. You can add links within your post and then add shopping ads at the end, you browse and find the products you would like to add to your post and then follow Amazon’s instructions to get started.



Amazon Links and Banners

Amazon has outstanding links and banners readily available to you, as an example their site stripe feature it will actually allow you to build your associate links right from letting you view it as a customer would see it.

They have text and product links to or that will allow you to show some information about the product and you can use product preview to enhance your links, your links will include your associate’s tag and they will pay you for qualified sales that come from your link.

They also have banners to or, they have many standard sizes and shapes. They are easy to add and you can earn referrals up to 15% of sales.

They also have track reports daily, this allows you to learn more about your customers, their preferences, what type of links are appealing to get your traffic to buy, as well as what other products they look for allowing you to expand or modify your product links.

Your Key to Success

Your niche, which means selecting what you want to promote is actually easy to discover, as an example Making Money With Affiliate Marketingif you are looking for more money per sale you could choose LED TV as an example. Go to and search for LED TV, then look at the reviews. A high number of reviews indicates the more of the TV people are buying on

If you are looking to get visitor’s to buy more with maybe less money per sale then you can go to and retrieve a list of the Best Sellers. They are broken down into categories for you,  as for example toys and games, electronics, camera and photo, video games, books and more. This makes your niche and blog postings so much easier, I recommend choosing something you are passionate about.

Getting Paid

Probably the most important part, rather than you listen to me try to explain it here is a link to explaining the payment types, a chart on when they pay you and all the information just click the link below it will open in a new tab.

You can also search to see what other Associates average for an income, but understand everyone’s results will be different. It all starts with choosing the right niche, building your website, getting traffic to your website and getting paid. Check out my number one recommendation to reach your accomplishments and goals.

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