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Name: Digicam Cash
Price: ??
Owners: Jarrod Hardcastle
Overall Rank: 30 out of 100

Digicam Cash Product Overview

If you are a digital camera using enthusiast, Digicam Cash is a website that may be of benefit to you, they claim to teach you how to sell your images online. From my perspective while building my websites, there are a lot of websites that I use to accomplish my task of obtaining images royalty free, Although, if I found awesome photos that would improve my website within my niche I would consider purchasing them.

If you are that photographer that has exceptional photos you may benefit from Digicam Cash, If this is you then find your photography niche. Just like an affiliate marketing business you need to find your niche, and you may be able to benefit from this start up website.

The Pros

  • If you are a photographer you can make money online and Digicam Cash may do that for you
  • This is a step by step training from a veteran with online photography
  • With special pricing it can be a relatively inexpensive start up

The ConsDigicam Cash Review

Yon need a real desire to shoot images and patience to earn any kind of money, it may require a lot of photos for one sale.

Who is Digicam Cash For

The Digicam Cash system is designed for anyone who really enjoys digital photography and is looking for a way to make money online while pursuing their passion.

Digicam Cash Support

After my research I did not find anything to share on support. As for myself I think support is an extremely important part of any business adventure that you may wish to peruse.

Tools and Training

From my research the training is well done and is presented with experience from one that has made money selling images online.

What is Your Start Up CostDigicamiew

I found varying information concerning the start up cost at Digicam Cash, the cost ranged from $99 to $197. I went to myself and what I experienced is when I tried to close the window I had a prompt to stay on the page making me special offers for a limited time. After repeating trying to close the page a second time I received a today only offer of $37 dollars.

My Final Opinion of Digicam Cash

I enjoy photography and use a lot of my own images on my organic garden website, but I also utilize a large number of royalty free sites available online. If you love photography then I believe this may be your niche and of course done correctly you can make money with any niche.

It seems the experience is here in their training and if that’s what you are looking for less than $50 to try anything for yourself would be worth it. But with everything you look at as a potential business opportunity google everything within your niche you can find.

Recommend it for under $50









  1. George

    June 6, 2017 at 7:10 am

    I think most of the internet marketers looking for good source of free images to use on their website. Most of the paid photos are good but expensive.

    I used to use couple public domain of images from many websites or from Google which indicates to be reused allowed. I also bought from Fiverr for acceptable quality of images for 5K images for around $5. The problem is if you buy from couple sellers, you will find many of them are the same.

    I never think about to make money from selling images. Digicam Cash’s cost $99-$199 seems too much unless you can take many high-quality images regularly. If it free to sign up and pay for the commission, I will think Digicam Cash making sense.

    1. Randy

      June 6, 2017 at 1:34 pm

      I agree George, unless you have very outstanding images it will be hard to make money there. Now days you can a lot of royalty free images for free. I still am not opposed to buying images but they will have to be outstanding.

      Thanks Randy

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