Online Survey Review

I want to start by telling you there are legitimate companies offering paid online surveys.  With that being said let us look at the whole picture.Online Survey Review

The Hazards Involved

First of all, they can be dangerous to the company paying for the surveys, that is to say, most surveys want your geographic location, your age they may be targeting a specific age group, your gender depending on the product, your current usage of products.(etc)

The hazard is when the person taking the survey is not honest about one or many of these, the company is not receiving valid information, and from reviewing habits many will just check boxes to complete the survey quickly and take another one. Again not delivering correct and useful information.

For the user taking surveys they can take a while to complete an honest survey, you may not qualify to take all surveys, and generally, you have to invest a lot of time to make a satisfying income.  It truly is a lot of work taking surveys and requires a lot of time invested and usually pays little for each survey completed.

Be Aware of Scams

As I stated starting off with in this post there are legitimate paid survey companies out there, with that Online Survey Reviewbeing said there are a lot of scams involved with online surveys. There have become a lot of what I like to refer to as middlemen involved with taking online surveys, they charge you a fee for a list of companies that are willing to pay you to take online surveys claiming you can make $3000 monthly.  In reality, they typically search google make a list of companies and sell it to you. It is very easy to search google yourself to get the same information.

Another thing to be aware of, a lot of survey sites will take your information and sell it to spamming companies that will flood your inbox with offers you do not even want. If you desire to try an online survey company I would suggest setting up a separate Gmail account for each survey company you sign up with. By doing this if you see your inbox being flooded with spam emails you know exactly where they are coming from, you can then opt out and delete that email account.

It is also a wise decision to carefully read any and all disclaimers and the privacy policy of any website before signing up with them. Also, try to verify the site’s use of cookies and how they are going to use them. Read all available information and then google the company to see if it is listed with bad ratings, listed as a scam,  see if there are any complaints with the BBB. If you encounter a scam document everything and you can report it with Consumer Fraud Reporting.

My Conclusion

If a company wants to charge you in any form to take paid online surveys I would recommend passing the company up and keep looking. And again I can’t stress enough read any and all disclaimers, the companies privacy policy, research the information about the company. If a website is defending itself from being a scam up front it probably is a scam, generally the more they defend their self the further I would get away from them. A quick google search will more than likely expose them.  Research the company on sites such as, and always remember working from home is WORK, If it sounds easy and it seems to good to be true then it more than likely is a scam.

I would suggest if you are looking for more than a hobby and would like to build an honest business working from home my favorite community link is below. As all opportunities should be it is $0 to sign up and requires no credit card. I will continue researching for Scam Free Opportunities and post the results here.

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