Our 2018 Canva.com Review

Since I am typically writing a blog post every day, and I am definitely not a graphic designer we began to search for a simple, quick, yet top end product using free graphic tools. We have used Canva.com before but then head off to try something else and we are back using it and decided to share this review.

Introduction To Canva.com

Canva is a graphic design too available for free at https://www.canva.com. It uses the Canva.com 2018 Reviewsecurity (SSL) indicated by the httpS. It does almost everything imaginable and we will cover only the main topics in this review. If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, online entrepreneurs or anyone who wants great graphics done with a very small budget needs to try Canva.com.

Social Media Post With Canva.com

If you are on a social media network for work or pleasure Canva.com has you covered. It includes templates for your twitter post with pre defined layouts, your Pinterest account is covered as well allowing you to import your own images in your design.


Posting to Facebook, Canva.com has you covered as well with Facebook app Canva.com Reviewgraphics, Canva.com also has your back with Tumblr graphic layout and your Instagram post. All with free layouts, images or import your own, as well as design elements, text options and various backgrounds.

Documents With Canva.com

You have a lot of document options as well with Canva.com including US letter documents, presentation documents in the 16:9 format, standard size presentation documents, A4 documents, letterheads, Magazine covers, create your own certificates or award certificates, resume (yes even resume templates) and you can Canva.com 2018put together your own year book of a year in review.

Blogging, E books And Marketing Materials

You can create truly amazing book covers for your own eBook imagine what that would save you, create your very own desktop wallpaper promoting your business or your brand (I like this feature), Watt-pad book covers, and this is a favorite as well create your own website banners making your site truly unique.Canva.com

Canva.com also gives you templates to make a photo collage, banners for your blog post, CD covers (if you still use CD’s) as well as info graphics that look great and could be used for advertisement in a widget space on your web site. You can create your own poster, as well as a new menu if you own a restaurant or if you design for one.

You can create flyers for a charity or your children’s school events, another favorite  is designing your own logo (creating your brand), you can create brochure for your products and / or services, make gift certificates for a local business, design and print your own professional quality business cards and design your own mailing labels.

Social And Email Headers

If you have an event that you want to share on Facebook you can create your own Facebook event cover how awesome is that, a lot of people dabble with YouTube videos I haven’t got there yet but you can create your own YouTube thumb nails promoting your business or services, if you have a YouTube channel you can create your personalized YouTube channel art as well.

It is crazy everything you can do with Canva.com I will run through some more and Our Canva.com Reviewgive you my final thoughts based on what I have created for my business, Tumblr Banners, Twitter headers (I am trying to get connected on twitter now), headers for the next social giant Google+, Etsy shop covers, Etsy shop icons, make your own business email header, you can make Facebook covers yeah.

Banners Canva.com has banners for Twitch, LinkedIn, sound-cloud, you can cover your events with custom personalized post cards, invitations (We know they are not cheap) and create them in portrait or square format, another one i like is your own design personalized greeting cards with your own images on them.

Our Canva.com Review

Free Training

The training is awesome it covers

  • Getting Started
  • Fonts
  • Color
  • Backgrounds
  • Shapes and Icons
  • Advanced Tips
  • Skills in Action
  • Images
  • Layout
  • Branding

Pros vs Cons

Canva.com 2018

Pros: I really like Canva for the very easy to use interface even I can do it, the free training courses teach you how to create a logo or anything else in a matter of minuets, when you create your free account you fill out your brands colors and your choice of font style for your brand that will blend perfect with your blog post.

You have the ability to download your design with a transparent background allowing you to place your logo seamlessly on any existing color or patterns, I have never had to use it but their support is quoted as being fast and prompt and available thru Twitter.

Canva Review 2018

Cons: Although there are some stock images that you can use for free, most of the images are stock photos that you have to pay $1 for a one time use of the image. I suggest going to google images change the settings to labeled for re use and upload it to canva, you can then re use the images as often as you wish.

There is no mobile app. WHATTT! Just kidding there is an iPhone app available at the app store for your iPhone at least, I am not sure about other platforms. I am not a graphics designer by any stretch of the imagination, but even I have created some awesome designs using Canva.com.

Pricing How Much Is Canva.com?

Actually it truly is free you can go there and begin designing right now for free, but there is an upgrade available, it is called Canva for work and cost you $12.95 per Review Canva.commonth. As I develop the need even further each day I will be joining the Canva for work upgrade in my future.



The biggest thing I can say is I love using Canva.com I have browsed and tried others but I have chosen to stay with Canva. I am not saying that there isn’t other great design tools out there but everything I get from Canva for free its ease of use and even I am creating cool looking graphics.

Canva.com Review


Please leave a comment or feedback below. If you know of a good free graphic software let us know that too.

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