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Price: Multi Levels

Rate: 6 / 10

SiteBuilder Overview appears to give you a website for free with drag and drop design menu, but is it really free? Let us share what our research found. They do let you build a very basic website with a lot of restrictions for free.


  • Building a website on website builder takes three easy stepsReview-SiteBuilder
  • Choose a domain name for free
  • Pick a template that suits your websites needs
  • Then launch your site to the internet
  • The process for starting your website is easy even for beginners


  • Your website is very basic and limited
  • To have a truly functional site will cost you
  • There are up-sales one up-sale is too many
  • Site cannot be moved from their hosting service

Who is site builder suited for

If you are a beginner and just want to make a test run at creating a site, or if you do not mind the up-sells and you plan on never switching hosting service this may be good for you.

Tools And Training

You can get all of the tools you need but there is no apparent training found in our research. You Site Builder Reviewcan contact their designers who will design your website for you but appears to be another up-sale.


There is tech support, billing support, and an email support but does not have a community of veterans there to help. Pricing

There are five different plans available as of now they range from very limited for free to 11.99 per Review Of SiteBuildermonth billed annually.

Our final opinion

Overall their platform is pretty good, it does have all the basic and required features of a website building platform, however I would not use a site building platform for several reasons, the domain is free (Typically under $20 anyway) but it cannot be moved from their hosting service which means it is not really mine. The upsells are a large turn-off you can get upgrades but expect to pay for them. Overall all it may be good for a beginner but as you gain experience it may not be the best option for you.




Website Builder Recommended


Please leave me your feedback and opinions below.

Thanks Randy



Easey to use


Free basic start





  • Easy to use
  • Free domain
  • Free template


  • Basic site is limited
  • Cant move hosting
  • The up-sells

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