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Brick and Mortar Troubles Continue

JC Penny is just one of the department store chains to report a first-quarter loss this year.

In the quarter ending April 29th, the retailer reported losses of .58 cents per share or $180 million dollars. With sales down 3.5%, their online shopping was up 11.9% according to the US Commerce Department as their brick and mortar sales dropped by 3.7% in the US.

Nordstroms sales appeared to be flat over the past year, their online sales accounted for 24% of their net sales, with accounting for 11 percent of the sales and accounting for 19 percent. Nordstroms is reporting that the first quarter earnings were in-line with their expectations.

Both companies have been working towards their large brick and mortar footprint working them into the e-commerce growth. JC Penney and Nordstrom both offer omnichannel (Defined As a cross-channel business model that a company uses to increase customer experience) such as in-store pickup and ship-from-store. JC Penney noted it’s progressed this year that 75% of online sales in 2016 concerned brick and mortar store location.

e-commerce is the success

And e-commerce is a global happening, the growth reported from 2008 to 2009 is as follows,  In India, Start Online Retail Businesstheir internet traded has risen  by 30 percent in the last year, in Japan their internet trade has risen by 22 percent in the last year, Thailand was expecting a 2009 growth of none less than 76 percent, In Czech they reported a 23 percent growth in 2009, Germany increased somewhere around 15 percent on their internet trade.

Summary of the trending online market:

Thailand is the second largest economy is Southeast Asia right behind Indonesia, their development of online retail is being developed by internet penetration.

Europe is the second largest B2C E-Commerce market worldwide, behind Asia-Pacific, and also one of the leaders of cross-border online retail trade. By 2020, cross-border B2C E-Commerce sales in Europe are projected to rise by double-digit figures. From


With e-commerce on the rise worldwide I feel now is the time for us to get our share.  This is why I believe affiliate marketing is at its birth. By a few very simple google searches it becomes easy to see what consumers worldwide are looking for. It is often intriguing for consumers to buy across the border, so to speak.

This is where you choose your niche and develop your business, as you get into Affiliate Marketing you may choose to operate multiple sites depending on the amount od time and effort you desire to put into it. Just remember when a salaried job is willing to pay you overtime it is because they make more money for the time you are producing for them. This could be time spent producing for yourself.

A tip when looking at Affiliate Market is to avoid upsells When you invest in your own business (and it is now very affordable) you want the entire package up front. The last thing you want is to realize you are 75 percent of where you need to be and realize it will cost you additional to achieve the last 25 percent. Do your research before spending one dime.

My second tip is you should be able to start up and test drive the opportunity for FREE, no credit card should be needed. An honest company who will deliver should give you all the benefits of using their service and let you start for free, where you have the opportunity to experience their service for yourself without relying on other people’s reviews of it. That’s why I started this site was to help others get the results they desire with no scams involved.

With that said don’t take my word alone, stay away from opportunities that offer pre-built (turnkey) websites as they are cookie cutter and not well liked by search engines, don’t get involved with a restricted product line. Sights like have awesome affiliate programs and almost certainly have the product to fulfill your niche idea.

Visit my reviews here to see my choice and remember it should cost you $0 to try something that a service believes works. Please leave me a comment below.

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