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Hey everyone in this post we are going to look at the free version of the 2 best SEO plugins available for Best Free SEO Pluginword press. First lets define SEO plugins. SEO stands for search engine optimization, it is the process of optimizing your post and website to achieve a high rank in the search engines.
In order to achieve a high rank on Google you need to shape your post and site to conform with the Google logarithm. Even though Google’s logarithm is a very well-kept secret there are things that stand out to the experts. Your site needs to be well-structured, needs to load fast, and you need good site content.

So What Is The Best Free SEO Plugin

We need to keep in mind the seo plugin is designed to automate the things that the experts know need to happen eliminating the site author from forgetting any of the known steps. The 2 most down loaded seo plugins are All In One SEO and Yoast SEO.

All In One SEO was Developed in 2007, and since then it has earned a spot as one of the most Free SEO Plugindownloaded plugins for WordPress, Yoast was developed in 2010, with hard work and constant updates to the plugin it soon became the number one rival of All In One SEO.

Let’s run through the feature of these 2 plugins as we feel they are both good even with the free version and we will let you know what we think about each one as we look at the benefits for your website.

The installation And Setup Process

All In One SEO Plugin:


First from your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins and search for All In One SEO, choose to install and activate it. All In One SEO differs from Yoast when you access it. All In One SEO settings appear on 1 page, this is slightly over whelming for some but relax.

All the settings are divide by groups, it really is not as bad as you would think, they break it down such All In One SEOas general settings, home page settings, title settings, custom post settings and all the other goodies. I find the setup to be a little faster for me having everything on one page.

And to help you as you go through the setup there are help icons in the form of a ? you can click that gives you a brief description and sometimes provides a link for more in depth help. You need to go through the general settings very carefully assuring everything is correctly set up and then it is ready for use on your site.

Yoast SEO Plugin:

First from your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins and search for Yoast SEO plugin, choose to install and activate it. Then go to SEO dashboard, general settings and click on open the configuration wizard. The configuration wizard will walk you step by step through the setup process.

Yoast like All In One is a very power house plugin, it does have a lot of settings you will need to go Yoast SEOthrough them one at a time making sure all information is correct. The setting in Yoast SEO are set up in tabs which makes it simplified to find the different options.

Yoast SEO has on board help available as well just click the purple button on the top and a window will expand to show you text or a video relating to the options on the page. The setting are very well organized and we feel the configuration wizard really simplifies things for beginners.

Our Install and Setup Conclusion

Let’s consider the fact that All In One and Yoast SEO are designed to get you first page rankings on Google, they are both packed with a lot of set up options that can appear overwhelming during set up. If you are a beginner Yoast is going to appear to be easy for you.

Although a little guidance with All In One SEO can definitely bring you the results you desire. Yoast only Free Yoast SEO Plugina small amount easier to set up it still wins the to install and setup.

SEO Happens Every Single Day

The search engines are crawling websites daily, every post or page you add is essential to your SEO.

All In One SEO

Below your post or page in the WordPress editor there is a meta box where you can edit your post title as well as the post description and see a search engine preview in a snippet. If you have enabled the social media feature, there will be a tab that says social.

Click on the tab and you can customize the meta title as well as the met description, there is also an Yoast SEO Freearea for your media file. You can use Canva to make a social media image and upload the custom image here.

Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO does have a very nice content analysis tool that will assist you in optimizing every post and page on your website. Very similar to the All In One SEO plugin below the editor you find the Yoast SEO meta box with a snippet preview of your post or your page.

The preview will show you how your post or page will be displayed in the search engines. The same as Best Free WodPress SEO Pluginthe All In One SEO Yoast SEO will use your post or page title as your meta title and a portion of your post as the meta description, in Yoast SEO we recommend clicking edit snippet and tweaking the appearance.

When you enter a focus keyword in Yoast SEO the plugin can analyze your content for that particular keyword. The result is shown in the content analysis area, where Yoast SEO will make suggestions on how you can improve your posts SEO score.

There are two more sections in the Yoast SEO meta box. You can click on the gear icon to switch to the advanced view. If you are a beginner never please us this feature, only use this if you have some experience. It will allow you to stop the search engines from following or indexing your post or your page.

Our Conclusion

Both the All In One and Yoast SEO make it easy to edit your SEO settings on each and every post you create. The only advantage for Yoast SEO is the SEO analysis it has to offer.Free SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO by a hair depending on your personal comfort level.

Our Final Thoughts

Both plugins work very well, we currently use the All In One SEO plugin but at the time of this writing Yoast SEO has released the next update in a beta version. We will wait for at last a couple of weeks when the official version is set to come out before we try it.

Please leave us your comment or feedback below. What do you use and why do you like it. Thanks for helping us help others.



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