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Name: User Testing

Website: https://www.usertesting.comReview User Testing

Price: Free

Owners: Darrell Benatar / Dave Garr

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

An Overview of User Testing

After signing up for free at I received an email almost immediately, once verifying my email address I had instant access to their desktop recorder, you watch a short video of what they are looking for from you. It is very easy to earn money from, you earn money by simply testing a website while recording it for 20 minutes, you are speaking your view while recording your testing experience, you point out what you like, the ease of use or what you don’t like and everything thing else you see while testing the website.

The Good And The BadUser Testing



  • It’s Free
  • They have contact numbers
  • Get paid via PayPal



  • You must speak clear English easy to understand or you won’t qualify this work.
  • If they already have enough active testers you may have to keep trying to get accepted.
  • It can take a time to get good at talking while browsing you need to practice this.
  • The tests are available for a limited number of members, so you should be very quick to click the test as soon as you find the one.
  • You can work for UserTesting only if your country accepts PayPal. If you cannot use PayPal you cannot get paid

Who is For

Anyone that wants a little extra pocket cash

User Testing Tools and Training

You receive their screen cast software for free upon registration, but you need to practice and re User Testing Reviewedwatch you recording on your own have a friend or family member watch it as well as submit the test video when you are satisfied with it.

User Testing Support

They have an 800 available on their website and are available Monday thru Friday 8 AM to 5 Pm PST, they also have a support email address available.

My Final Opinion
I would recommend this opportunity if you need extra cash as you simply send them your screen cast video of your website review with your voiced thoughts included in the video, Testers get paid $10 for each completed test. A test consists of a 20-minute recording and answers to four follow-up questions. Very rarely (less than 1% of the time), a client asks for a refund because they’re dissatisfied with the user. You don’t get paid when this happens. Payments are made daily for jobs completed seven days earlier.
Granted you will not earn enough money to make it your primary income it is a great way to earn some extra spending money online.

Review Recommend

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