Website Builder Scams Use Caution

Website Builder Scams Is A Problem

With on line sales taking off like the space shuttle through the likes of Amazon, ShareASale, Rakuten, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, eBay, Commission Factory and so many more to choose from. The recent purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon and the closing of stores not choosing to pursue online sales.

There is an increase in demand for affiliate marketers to obtain their own website and become their Website Builder Scamsown business, such as I have done, during the process website builder scams have become a problem and continues to get worse. When I started writing websites in 2004 it was HTML and notepad.

Today website builders have gotten a lot more complex and so have the scams. Creation what I call a cookie cutter site will rarely achieve your search engine rankings if ever, There are so many factors that go into getting ranked in the search engines it is an article to its self. So Let’s look at what to watch for.

Buying A Pre Made Website

This is a bad idea, typically any website that offers to build your a fully functional site and have it online in a short period of time are using the cookie cutter method. You chose a layout and some other option and shabam there is your site. The problem here is how many other people chose that Website-Buildersame design?

Your site will have no unique qualities of its own. The truth is your can pick a template in WordPress and create a website in less than a minute, but it is not complete, in the online buying market we live in its all about continuous updates to your site for Google to index.

Credit Card Required

The better alternative is to choose a building platform that will teach you to build the site yourself (and yes with no experience you can create one in less than 1 minute). By doing this your start adding some pages making your site set apart already.

You then create post and kaboom your are indexed by Google, the key is your niche and branding, Website-Builderit will be unique and set apart from others which will get you ranked in Google if you follow the simple training. You will be freed from the restraints of a cookie cutter website.

If any website ask you for a credit card in advance to experiencing their training hit the X on your web browser and try again. You should not have to provide any form of payment until your see if the shoe is going to fit your first. Credit cards should never be given for a free trial

Upsells And Upsells

Upsells is a technique that makes me sick, like watching an info commercial on TV this product is normal $39.95 but it is yours today for only $19.95 and that is not all today your will get a second on absolutely free just pay separate shipping and handling. ( There is your Upsell)

The exact method is used in platforms that assist your in creating your own website, that may have Website Builder Upsellsnice templates, an easy to use interface, I hear that all the time but in reality for the most part it is WordPress and it is easy to use. Then you want to work on your SEO you need to purchase that module, what about your keywords?

Yes you have to purchase that module too, what if you want an eCommerce sight yes you can purchase that module too. Say WHAT you paid for the platform should it not include those things? What about learning the whole alphabet soup method for searching keywords? These are only a few of the Upsells you will likely encounter.

Check The BBB Website

Do not check to see if they have been graded by the BBB they may not even know a company exist but check for complaints against the company, I can assure your if the get valid complaints you will be BBBable to find them. I almost bought a pre made store website once for a lot of money.

And phew I am so glad I didn’t, here is the thing if you inquire about an opportunity just to gain information in order to research and make a wise decision, and they won’t quit bothering you that is a red flag. The one I inquired about wanted a phone number and they would call me everyday trying to hurry me into signing up.

I did not do it and I am glad, or I would not be where I am today, the calls got so frequent and annoying I blocked the number, and they used a different one, so I finally changed my number to stop the calls. Obviously checking the complaints on the BBB saved me time, headaches, and money I would probably have never recovered.

Check For True Feedback From Those Involved

If there is no credit card required to receive a free trial then go for it, do not get lost right away on how easy the interface is, or how good the site can look. (Trust me that is the easy part) Instead look for Upsells, see what you are really going to receive, how many websites can your have at $0 extra cost.

What about keyword research? Do they assist you in finding keywords, do they train you to find Feedbackkeywords and the best is (if you can find it) do they have a keyword tool available to you in the writing platform? The biggest part is there an extra cost for any or all of these tools?

The next thing you need to look for is there a chat forum available? I would certainly hope so, go to the chat and see what others are saying. Is there a search bar in the chat where your can read testimonial and or complaints from real people who have used the service before you?

Do they offer you site security using SSL? Do they offer site speed for your site to help boost you above the competition? Do they provide you information on your site that will show you when you are indexed by Google, your site trust by the search engines, and make sure your are not using to many plug ins? If they offer these services is there an extra charge for that?

I get everything I just mentioned along with the ability to host a total of 50 websites (I would have to clone myself) and I pay one price. Just saying don’t get scammed as website builder scams are on the rise.


Thanks Randy

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