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Oh yeah, this is what we desire the most, I want to show you how to load your toolbox with website building tools for free. There are a lot of Bing Webmaster Toolsgreat free tools to help you and today I will focus on SEO tools. I will start with Bing Webmaster Tools. They offer a suite of free tools similar to the tools offered by Google.

Bing provides you with your own dashboard to monitor your sites where you can identify where to focus at, they also have a very effective reporting tool, you can see how many times your page appeared in searches, how many times it was clicked from searches and even the average search appearance position.

The suite also offers diagnostic and research tool that will show you what people are searching for and where you may need to expand, they also have a message and alert notifications for your site. Free to sign up and a very good tool to have in your toolbox.


Internet Marketing Ninjas

There is no way to cover all of the free tools offered here. Featured Tools – here are a set of tools that will help you analyze your website and give you a precise picture of what you need to Internet Marketing Ninjasimprove, find broken links, image, and link analyzer, on page optimization tool, and get results from search result plugin tool.

SEO Tools this is the ultimate collection of tools, there is a side by side SEO Comparision  tool it will give you great insight, robot.txt generation tool used to assure when search engines crawl your site they don’t have access to your sensitive information, find broken links, redirects and site crawl tool that allows you to export the results in a downloadable spreadsheet, mega tag generation tool get awesome results and it is formatted so you can simply copy and paste onto your pages.

Keyword Density Analysis Tool simply enter your URL and this free tool will tell you the Find Broken Linkskeyword density of all the phrases on your page, page speed tool will analyze how long it takes your page to load at different connection speeds it gives you a breakdown of every component on your page, and a great tool Header Checker Tool this will check any of your pages header tags.

Google vs Bing vs More Search Engines, This awesome tool will run a search in the selected search engines and give you a graphical comparison of the results. Free Online Spell Check Tool, correct spelling is very important for optimal SEO this tool will optimize the quality of the text on your web page.

Social Tools

Their social tools will help you plan and monitor social media for your business, Facebook, Facebook Privacy CheckerTwitter, Google+ and a lot more, need to find your Facebook ID? They have a tool for that, as well as a Facebook privacy checker so you can see what people can view who are not your friends, and a free Social Activity Tool.





There are a lot of very good free tools for your toolbox, we will cover more in a future post such as image optimization and more. I think everyone needs to check out Internet Marketing Ninjas, there are so many fantastic tools there to keep you busy with improvements for a while.Optimization of your website is both fun and rewarding, and even more exciting watching your results on the search engines.

If you are looking for a specific tool or want to leave me some feedback please do in the comment box below and I will reply back to you. And as always Get Educated.

Thank you




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