What Is The Best Keyword Tool

So What Is Really The Best Keyword Tool?

A lot of great things happened today and I will get to that shortly, first lets look at great keywords and what goes into finding them. I will give you the ingredients that make a great keyword tool, what to look for and what gets you to page one of the top three search engines.Best Keyword Tool

We all know the top three Google, Bing and Yahoo, so how do we connect with them to find our site on page one? Let me first say even with the right keywords if they are not properly used you still won’t see rankings. If you own a website and want to check your keywords in the search engine use an incognito browser.

Now lets look at the keywords, the keywords them self are the phrase that users type into the search engine to find exactly what they are looking for, you as a webmaster want to use keywords that are the most used when entering keywords in a search engine.

Find The Most Used Keywords

With the understanding we want to use the most popular keywords that users are typing in the search engine there are other factors with that you need to really examine. I will start with the average number of searches that users are entering those keywords in a specific amount of time.

And if the keywords you select can achieve page one of the top three search engines this one is key for me how many clicks to your website are potentially possible to receive as the result? The next thing you need to pay close attention to especially if you have a newer site.Keywords

How many other sites have already utilized the exact keywords? That equals how many sites you will be competing with while you are trying to get to page one. When you compete with other sites that have good trust with the search engines and have owned their domain for a couple years they will be the ones you find on page one.

How You Can Overcome The Issues

That is the goal to find the absolute best keywords that cab over come these issues. And a quality indicator that lets you know its great, it is competitive or do not use these keywords. And receiving a score based on the search traffic and the website competition?
All of these things are a factor, but don’t stop reading after this portion of our article we have even more exciting news yet to come. You can have all the access to these keywords here but please do not stop reading.

Do You Have A Website?

Then the timing could not be more perfect for you. If you want to blog for cash or replace your full time job this is the number one place to learn. The community is its own social network, it is frigging crazy good and the newest release is its most awesome.

You can get not one but two free websites at zero cost ever, step by step Google Keywordsbuilding your own site so easy my wife can do it. Just joking but she could do it and it is very much this easy. You get video walk through and text as well, a community that is its own social network of its own.

It is packed with beginners as well as the pros to answer any question you could ever come up with. And now starting December 12th 2017 the keyword tool is included when you sign up. Frigging amazing and you can start for free, I did and it was the best decision I have ever made in my search for MY own business.

You can sign up for FREE HERE. You truly do not want to miss this free test drive, it cost absolutely nothing and you get to see firsthand.

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