Where to Learn About Affiliate Marketing

There are numerous sights on google related to affiliate marketing but here some information to get you started.

Affiliate Marketing Definition:

Affiliate marketing is actually a performance based marketing where a business rewards one or Where to Learn About Affiliate Marketingmore affiliates for each visitor or customer brought to them by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. This is your website comes into play. It’s also a revenue venture between a website owner and a merchant.

Affiliate Marketing Myths:

There are way to many myths about affiliate marketing programs to mention here if you google it you will see a lot of them. It is important for you to understand some of the myths both from a business stand point (Supplying the product) and your stand point providing a marketing tool for these products.

  • Being an Affiliate Marketer is Quick and Easy: Actually it is a lot of work but once you build it in to a full source of income it overwhelmingly rewarding. There can be a lot of competition so you may not make a lot of money quickly. If it was as simple as setting up a site adding your niche to it and put it on cruise control the retailer would do it eliminating the need for us. Your website will take time and effort to build.
  • You need a very popular niche to make money: A lot of people don’t even consider their strong niche for fear it’s a weak idea and the fear of failure. This is a FALSE way of thinking, as an example you are very passionate about your dog, you make sure it eats the best food and best treats. A simple google search for “dog cookies affiliate programs” gives a result of 552,000. Try your own idea on google.
  • Affiliate Marketing is outdated: On the contrary, The way Google and other search engines use SEO are changing but if you have correct guidance google actually thinks that affiliate marketing still makes sense. As you will see first hand with a few searches.

How to get started in Affiliate Marketing: In my opinion the only way is to get started for free, Where to Learn About Affiliate Marketingwhy not? Why pay for something before you have the chance to see how it works, what kind of support you will receive, what kind of tools are available for you to work with and get not one but two free websites with free hosting and step by step training so you actually build it yourself.

Become a Top Affiliate Marketer: The best way to accomplish this is to learn from those who have first stated with absolutely no knowledge on how to do it, second they spent a lot of time learning the process of what works and what fail, and third are willing to teach you how to do it with the methods that work and often point out to you what fails so you can avoid the same failure that they experienced in their walk.

My Conclusion: The reality of Affiliate Marketing it’s truly in the infant stages, using the correct keywords and search engine optimization the sky is the limit, using Word Press has made the development of websites very easy with a look of professionalism. With 30,000 plugins available it makes adding social media very easy along with a lot of other things. It is also very easy to add images, links, and even embed videos into your web page. With the right training and vast tools at your finger tips stop being worried that you can’t do it any longer. Find your niche and be ready to be your own boss.



To your success Randy





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