Work From Home No Start Up Fee

So you want to work from home, and you don’t have the money to get started. You find some information on the internet that appears to be legitimate and you get all pumped up, you start the process of signing up when you discover that the company charges Work From Homeyou $40 to run a background check on you before you can even think of beginning to work. So it is back searching for a different opportunity that is legitimate.
Sound familiar? This happens multiple times every day, if not every hour, and it happened to me the fool who kept looking for several years. Let’s look at some ways to start a work from home business with no start up fee.


You can make legitimate money blogging, although when you typically blog you will have to build up multiple streams of income to quit your day job. You can set up a free blog page or get paid to write for other blog owners on their blog page.

No Start Up Fee

I recommended starting your own blog page as you want to create an authority blog site, the blog everyone goes to when they want information on your blogs topic. Your blog needs to be based on something you are passionate about. You will need to post to your blog two or three times a week to achieve an authority blog. What you need to start.

  • Create your blog page
  • Start writing useful authoritative blog post (2 or 3 / week)
  • Seek out different income streams
  • Seek comments on your blog and respond to every one you get
  • Then repeat the process over and ever again


Selecting Your Blog Content

This is extremely important and is commonly known as your niche. It is important because you are going to spend a lot of hours writing about this topic each week to become an authority site. Pick your passion, an example would be dogs. I can easily write a 1000 word blog post on why you should only feed your dogs natural dog food.

Work From Home No Start Up

Then I could easily create a second post on what is wrong with different dog foods and why you don’t want your dogs to eat it. You niche needs to be your passion so it doesn’t feel like work, you can quickly become the authority of your niche and your site will become an authority figure.

The Income Stream

For myself I find that affiliate marketing is the best income stream for bloggers. Using the dog food example when you create your post about dog food you add an affiliate link that you associate with you the post. If your readers click your ad and buys the product you get a percentage, based on your affiliate program.

Work No Start Up Fee

I really like this method, lets use as an example just searching the term dog food gives you over 130 pages of results. If you were signed up as an affiliate with Amazon you would not have any trouble catering to your readers.

There are other ways to utilize your blog post such as Google Adsense, it is a form of advertisement and there is no start up fee to get signed. Granted it doesn’t pay as much as a good affiliate program it is still an additional stream of income to your blog.

You could also sale digital products such as an eBook you have written, or photos that you have taken. You could also sell physical items like home made crafts or arts if these are your authority topics. Or if you are into writing code you could even sell your own apps.

Top Rated Affiliates

Clickbank has been in the affiliate business for over 17 years and they are a large entity who focus on digital info products. Being a large entity they have over 6 million products that reach 200 million customers all over the world.


Formerly Rakuten LinkShare Rakuten is also a rather large entity, The industry has voted Rakuten the number 1 affiliate marketing network for seven consecutive years, and in 2016 Rakuten eclipsed past performance by facilitating more than 100 million orders worldwide.

Affiliate Marketing

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate by Conversant reaches millions of on line shoppers with their affiliate marketing network. They connect with customers around the whole world, and they provide you tools for success.



We cannot leave out Amazon I am sure we don’t need to introduce you to them. The holiday season for 2017 Amazon secure over one half of all online black Friday sales making it a true leader for affiliate marketing and they offer us access to over a million products for our visitors.



We did a complete review of ShareAsale you can read it HERE.


It is not just an auction site they have had an online presence now for over 20 years and provide their affiliates with top-notch tools, tracking and reports.

Our Conclusion

You can start a blog on a blogging site for free and yes you can make money that way. I personally caution you against doing it that way. My reason is when you utilize their free service you will not have total control over your blog, the free service you’re using does. If you plan on relying on the income you will make from your work not having total control is risky.



A hosted WordPress themed blog is what I recommended, you can actually start one for free. Yes FREE you just need a valid email address, this service comes with training and an awesome community of very knowledge individuals to ask questions if you get stuck.

Once you have built up your blog site and decide this is definitely what you want you can upgrade your membership at that time, you absolutely do not have to. You only upgrade if you like what you receive and are serious about the opportunity to work from home.

So get started today and get your opportunity of a free start up now.

Please leave us your comments and feedback below.

Best wishes


  1. Anne Saxod

    February 13, 2018 at 8:24 am

    I began to read your article on my birthday. Your rosa picture caught my eye and, yes, I want, need to work from home as I lost my job, have two children and being over 50 doesn’t seem to attract success.
    I am very curious about all the new possibilities, on the other hand not so familiar with the technology.
    Do you think it might be for someone like me still possible ?

    1. Randy

      February 13, 2018 at 8:09 pm

      Anne, first of all happy birthday and I am sorry about your job, yes this program is absolutely for everyone. I recommend the free tail as to credit card or money is needed. Build you a site for free and experiment with it, you will see soon how obtainable it is. This is not a get rich quick deal as I feel those are all scams anyhow but it teaches you to build a solid business from the ground up, follow all of the training exact and I hope soon I get to read your success story.

      Thank you

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